1016 - Livable and Age-Friendly Communities: A Scoping Review of Conceptual Frameworks

Email   : jillchonody@boisestate.edu
1076 - photovoice as a reporting tool in the framework of an international social work training seminar

Author : Menny Malka
Email   : menny1969@gmail.com
1116 - You should never be alone. Social work, crossing borders and cultures in child protection and disability rights. Experiences from a current multinational research project. First results

Author : Arthur Limbach-Reich
Email   : arthur.limbach@uni.lu
1136 - How to gain insight into the impact of youth work? A mixed methods research.

Author : Jolanda Sonneveld
Email   : j.j.j.sonneveld@hva.nl
1141 - Comparing social worker intervention with femals giving birth during sentence period in Romania (Târgșorul Nou Women's Penitentiary) and Mexico (Santa Marta Social Reintegration Center, Mexico City)

Author : Ioana Dana Obrinteschi Iancu
Email   : dana_obrinteschi@yahoo.com
1155 - "Maybe we can do it?" - Collective particiaption to encounter homelessness. Resources and identity

Author : Håvard Aaslund
Email   : havaa@oslomet.no
1168 - The impact of the labour market crisis on biographies of exclusion: homelessness changes in Spain

Author : Iria Noa de la Fuente-Roldán
Email   : i.delafuente@ucm.es
1248 - What works in parenting support: knowledge of the experience of parents and professionals

Author : Annelies Kassenberg
Email   : a.kassenberg@pl.hanze.nl
1256 - The role of the social worker as a researcher in the processes of citizen participation.

Author : Sandra Romero Martín
Email   : sandraromero@unizar.es
1317 - Past Experience with Maternal Parenting among Mothers of Pre-school Children, and Maternal Acceptance-Rejection: The Moderating Role of the Caregiving System

Author : Shirley Ben Shlomo
Email   : shirley.ben@biu.ac.il
1339 - Educating art and ageing for being at home in the world

Author : Paola de Bruijn
Email   : paola.debruijn@han.nl
1349 - Learning from the Past: Social Work Complicity in Forced Sterilization

Author : Kimberly Strom
Email   : ksg@unc.edu
1352 - Role of Social Work in Fostering Young Women's Participation in the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights: a case study of Uganda Youth Development Link in Kampala, Uganda

Author : Laura Sirabella
Email   : laurasirabella@gmail.com
1366 - Last resort or time for respite? Social workers’ accounts on locked institutional care for youth

Author : Susanna Johansson
Email   : susanna.johansson@soch.lu.se
1368 - Student’s thoughts towards the future of the social work profession

Author : Ayşe Şeyma Turgut
Email   : ayseyma1992@yandex.com
1380 - Assigning Active Labour Market Programmes in Times of Superdiversity: Perspectives of Employment Counsellors and Migrant Job Seekers

Author : Sara Elloukmani
Email   : sara.elloukmani@uantwerpen.be
1394 - Parenting Practices and Social Class. A Quantitative Study of Parents in Contact with the Norwegian Child Welfare Service

Author : Malin Fævelen
Email   : malin.favelen@ntnu.no
1401 - Challenges and Opportunities in Community Social Work with the Ultraorthodox Jewish Community in Israel

Author : Yael Itzhaki-Braun
Email   : yaelitbr@tauex.tau.ac.il
1414 - ROL, from the Outside to the Middle. Towards valuable work - reflections through the Capability Lens.

Author : Michel Tirions
Email   : michel.tirions@ap.be
1433 - The construction of character in social work narratives of practice with undocumented

Author : Helen Machin
Email   : h.e.machin@keele.ac.uk
1446 - Towards social inclusion of children and adolescents in foster care living in out-of-home care centres: Dialogic Literary Gatherings

Author : Regina Gairal-Casadó
Email   : regina.gairal@urv.cat
1507 - Today's challenges for social work in working with foster families. Research on the Italian situation

Author : Marco Giordano
Email   : marcogiordano.universita@gmail.com
1557 - Social Impact Assessment: What are the challenges for Social intervention?

Author : Cristiana Almeida
Email   : diasalmeida@gmail.com
1587 - Transformations towards resilient kinship care families

Author : Aiga Romane-Meiere
Email   : aiga.romanemeiere@agentura.lv
1590 - The Family Life Stories practice initiative: addressing the dangers and maximising the benefits of putting Adverse Childhood Experiences research into frontline child welfare social work practice

Author : Lisa Bunting
Email   : s.mooney@qub.ac.uk
1623 - Peer working movement - research for innovative practices and social development

Author : Daniela Soitu
Email   : danielag@uaic.ro
1637 - Transnational Family Life of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and the Role of Social Work: The Current State of Research

Author : Franziska Anna Seidel
Email   : f.seidel@uni-kassel.de
1660 - Tree of life: Using a strengths-based approach in social work with groups.

Author : Tatiana Casado
Email   : tatiana.casado@uib.es
1665 - Analysis of the contributions of Social Work research to the Horizon2020 Framework Program: challenges and possibilities

Author : Diana Valero
Email   : dvalero@unizar.es
1692 - Group therapeutic documents as a strategy to unite groups: letters from Es Refugi users to Social Work students

Author : Ana J. Cañas-Lerma
Email   : ana.lerma@uib.es